Dear esteemed members of the APPNA-PUN,

I am deeply honored and humbled to step into the role of President of APPNA-PUN for 2024. I want to acknowledge each one of you for your unwavering commitment to our noble profession, our patients, and the betterment of our Chapter. Our shared vision of advancing medical science and improving patient care has always been the cornerstone of our association.

APPNAPUn has been lead by exemplary leaders. APPNAPUN community is thankful to outgoing president Dr Imran Amir for a successful year. We are also thankful to board of trustees for their guidance and vision.

This year’s executive committee includes, Dr. Imran Amir(Immediate past president), Dr. Shazia Savul (President elect) , Dr. Sujood Ahmad( Secretary), Dr. Junaid Chaudhry (Treasurer) , Dr. Ambreen Naeem ( Counselor) , Dr. Umar Farrooq ( Counselor at-Large) and Dr. Kashif Tufail (Counselor). I welcome Dr. Tufail as a new member of executive committee.

As your new president, I wish to focus on the following key areas:

Inclusivity & Collaboration:

Embracing the diversity of our members and fostering a culture where all voices are heard and valued. Through collaboration, we can achieve greater milestones than we can alone.

Mentorship/Engagement with young physicians and students:

Here, I want to acknowledge our counselar at large, Dr. Umar Farooq’s contribution, commitment and guidance in helping young graduates in getting residency programmes. We will continue to advance this program.

Community Engagement:

Strengthening our ties with the community. We will continue to strengthen our ties with Muslim Serve and Cherry Hill free clinic and other charity organizations.


This will be an area of focus in the coming year. I urge our members and community to strengthen the organization by becoming lifetime members. We need new leaders.

I am looking forward to coming year with excitement and our team will bring you wonderful events like previous years.

Mohammed Murtaza, MD
President, APPNA-PUN 2024



APPNA is a professional, nonpolitical, equal opportunity organization which promotes excellence in healthcare, research, education, and humanitarian activities.



Our core strength is our dedicated volunteers who are always available for different initiatives and events with their valuable time. APPNA-PUN always looking for new members to join.



APPNA-PUN organizes different through out the events which provides our members to interact & share new ideas and knowledge both socially and professionally.